Active Transportation

No matter where you live – downtown, the middle of the country or anywhere in between – there are lots of places you need to get to every day: work, school, appointments, shopping and so forth. Why not reclaim some of this time and turn it into an opportunity for fun, fresh air and fitness? How? By becoming your own means of transportation!

The Benefits of Cycling

Everyone agrees: cycling is a good means of transportation. But why?

Read and share our infographic presenting the benefits of cycling!

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The ABCs of active transportation
This section includes a wide range of tips designed to make active transportation as convenient and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Vélo Québec has set up two programs to help you incorporate active transportation into your daily routine in a variety of ways.

Operation Bike-to-Work program
Operation Bike-to-Work is designed to benefit both employees and employers. It provides guidance to those who wish to commute to work by cycling, an increasingly popular form of active transportation.

On the Move in the Community
With the On the Move in the Community program, Vélo Québec is taking a leadership position with municipalities and schools across Quebec to encourage active transportation.


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