Bike theft

A particularly effective strategy in reducing the risk of theft is to pick a bicycle that does not attract unwanted attention. It doesn’t take very long for a high-performance, high-price-tag model to vanish in the wilds of the urban jungle…

The best way to protect your bicycle is to invest in a good lock and make sure you use it properly. A U-lock is the sturdiest and safest option, although it is important to remember that no lock is ever 100% tamper-proof. When shopping for a model, look for one that is long and easy to use.

Where you lock your bicycle is just as important as the tools you use to do it. If your bike is hidden away out of sight, it’s easier for someone to come along and steal without being spotted.

The best way to lock a bike is to secure both the wheel and the frame to a sturdy rack or post. Never lock just the wheel! If your bicycle is equipped with quick releases, it’s best to remove the front wheel and lock the rest. Ideally, you should replace the quick releases (wheels and saddle) with nut-and-bolt mechanisms or install a special clamp.

To find out more about preventing bicycle theft, see the article published in the June 2011 issue of Vélo Mag (in French).