Introductory workshop

This workshop is an introduction to the issues related to active transportation. Organized in conjunction with Vélo Québec’s On the Move in the Community program, it aims to provide participants with practical information and tools they can use to help reverse current trends and make active transportation a community priority. The structure of the workshop is flexible and can be adjusted to suit participants’ needs and expectations.

The activity is open to the general public and provides participants with some concrete tools for influencing and guiding decisions related to active transportation. It is geared specifically toward municipal employees, city and school board officials, healthcare and education professionals, community groups, residents and parents who are reluctant to let children walk or bike to school and anyone else who wishes to learn more about active transportation.

Varies between 20 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the content.

Examples of themes addressed
  • History of active transportation
  • Profile of today’s users
  • Active transportation–friendly facilities
  • Efficiency
  • Health benefits
  • Economic benefits
  • Strategies for reversing current trends

Contact us to go over the various possibilities available to you, depending on your needs and goals.

Myriam Lalancette, Active Transportation Research Coordinator
514-521-8356, ext. 370