La rue pour tous!

The LA RUE POUR TOUS! campaign takes place every year in May to remind road users of the importance of being courteous and staying alert at all times – especially near schools.

Pedestrian, cyclist or motorist are committing to:
  • Adopt a courteous and respectful attitude toward other road users and give priority to those who are more vulnerable.
  • Adhere to the Highway Safety Code at all times by exercising caution in school zones, obeying speed limits and being extra careful at crosswalks.
  • Drive less and walk or bike more.

As part of the campaign, daycare services organize various activities and get children to invite their parents to sign the LA RUE POUR TOUS pledge and display a campaign sticker in the window of their car or home.

This spring, daycare services in 136 schools across the province will be taking part in the LA RUE POUR TOUS campaign.


Interested in having your school or community join LA RUE POUR TOUS? You can start by downloading our campaign materials :
The pledge