Operation Bike-to-Work

Operation Bike-to-Work is designed to benefit both employees and employers. It provides guidance to those who wish to commute to work by cycling, an increasingly popular form of active transportation.

Not only is cycling a simple and enjoyable way of getting around, it’s also the fastest way for city-dwellers to cover distances of under 8 kilometres. Try it out – you’ll see!

Can’t find enough time in the day to exercise? Cycling to work is a great way to fit some extra physical activity into your routine. And you’ll be surprised at the impact it will have on your overall health, energy level and mood.

Visit Montréal Cycle Chic
Montréal Cycle Chic is a photo blog highlighting Montreal cyclists in their daily travels. Snapped on the spot by the photographers running the bog, these urban cyclists demonstrate their life style and their pleasure in travelling by bike.

Initiated by Vélo Québec on the occasion of the 2011 Montreal Bike Fest, Montréal Cycle Chic is inspired by the Cycle Chic™ international movement. Visit Montréal Cycle Chic right away!