Create a bike-friendly workplace

In concrete terms, what can be done in the workplace itself to encourage employees to bike to work? One of the biggest keys to success is the type of bike-friendly facilities available to cycle-commuters.

Bike racks  
Installing bike racks is a major plus for employees who are thinking about taking the cycle-commuting plunge. Racks can be installed inside or out – as long as they’re convenient, sturdy and safe. Otherwise, nobody will use them.
For more information on bicycle racks, see our guide to bicycle parking facilities.

Bicycle ramp
If cyclists need to take the stairs to get to an indoor bicycle parking area, it may be worthwhile to install a ramp for hassle-free access.

On-site consultation
Want to invest in a bicycle rack, but need some help to determine what your needs and options are? Ask our experts!

Changing rooms with showers and lockers
This can be a real selling point for potential cycle-commuters and other employees interested in engaging in physical activity during their lunch hour.

Basic repair tools
Make a space available for minor repairs and tuneups, along with a few basic tools so employees can work on their bicycle when they need to. This is another gesture that is sure to be greatly appreciated.

For more information on “gearing up” your workplace, be sure to read our bike-friendly business guide.