Get everyone involved

If you’re interested in the idea of cycling to work, there’s a good chance your co-workers and your employer will be too!

But how do you get started? Here are some simple and effective ways to get your organization in bike-to-work mode!

Do a survey

Organize awareness activities

The best way to begin is by getting informed. Meetings, presentations and workshops can be great momentum builders that will show everyone just how easy and fun cycle-commuting can be. Here are a few themes you can explore:

Get the word out

To drum up more interest and get people talking about Operation Bike-to-Work, take advantage of your existing communications channels to share tips or invitations to upcoming cycling activities. Employee bulletin boards, emails and intranet portals are just some of the ways of generating buzz!

Create a Bike-to-Work Club

Want to share your love of cycling with your co-workers? Why not create a Bike-to-Work Club and:
  • Organize bike-oriented activities, like a lunchtime cycling group.
  • Encourage other employees to try cycle-commuting. Have your experienced cyclists mentor new members.
  • Identify shortcomings in terms of the availability of safe bicycle parking facilities  and prepare a presentation to persuade your employer to improve the situation.
  • Help your human resources team develop a corporate policy on active transportation, which could include financial incentives and on-site facilities such as lockers, showers and safe bike racks.

To get started, read our guide on creating your own Bike-to-Work Club

Other employer incentives
  • Make a few bicycles available for employees to borrow for business appointments or lunchtime errands.
  • Provide a special allowance to employees who bike, walk or take public transit to work.
  • Host training workshops