Bicycling in Québec in 2010

Every five years since 1995, Vélo Québec has published a detailed report on cycling trends and practices in Quebec.

Bicycling in Québec in 2010Highlights of the 2010 edition include:
• significant increase in the number of adult cyclists;
• notable increase in cycling as a means of transport;
• development of the cycling industry, the “transportation cocktail” and bicycle-friendly environments;
• positive health outcomes: 1 out of 9 Quebecers are classified as active on account of cycling and 1 out of 3 Quebecers cycle enough to derive physical fitness benefits.

The study is based on, among other things:
• a survey of Quebecers;
• an analysis of origin-destination (O-D) surveys;
• a compilation of traffic counts in a dozen regions of Quebec.

For more information, see Bicycling in Quebec in 2010.

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