July 2018

2018 Elections: Vote for biking

Last fall, we published Vision vélo 2025, the manifesto of Québec à vélo de demain. Backed by some 70 leaders and activists from business, mobility, research, tourism, recreation and sports sectors throughout Québec, Vision vélo 2025 has become the electoral platform of Vélo Québec, both at the municipal and provincial level. Several aspects of Vision vélo 2025 were addressed during consultations regarding the highway safety bill and our presentations to the Ministry of Transport on the sustainable mobility policy.
Even though we now have a new Highway Safety Code and a sustainable mobility policy, most of the objectives of Vision vélo 2025 are still on the agenda – particularly that regarding the importance of investing substantially in cycling infrastructures. This objective is among the 23 proposals being put forward by a group of environmental organizations, as part of the Québec elections on October 1. They include changing our transportation habits and gearing urban development toward public transit and active transportation, which is why Vélo Québec decided to join these organizations and take action to ensure that environmental issues are on the agenda of the different political parties and aspiring MNAs.
Major public investments must be made if the full potential of biking is to be realized. While the Québec government’s sustainable mobility policy is a start, the battle is far from over. It is important that we all get involved in our own way. Therefore, in anticipation of the October 1 elections, vote for biking!
Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO