Viewpoint : May 2016

Announcement regarding dooring fines and one-meter passing distance bodes well for new biking season!

Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification, Jacques Daoust, just announced two major amendments to the Highway Safety Code (HSC): stiffer fines for motorists who cause a cycling accident by opening their car door and enforcement of a one-meter minimum distance between cars and bikes. With regard to dooring, Vélo Québec feels that fines should be significantly increased and combined with demerit points in order to truly have a deterrent effect. In addition, these measures should be supported by communication and awareness-raising campaigns.
While hailing the minister’s commitment to have these two amendments adopted in time for the summer season, Vélo Québec points out that cyclists have already been waiting impatiently for two years for a full review of the Highway Safety Code.
May is Bike Month
For the second year, Vélo Québec is proclaiming the month of May Bike Month in Québec. The goal is to raise awareness of the various activities organized in Québec in May to promote biking, as well as to distribute useful information for making bike outings and travel safer and more fun. Mainly, however, the month of May is the ideal time of year to remind pedestrians, cyclists and motorists of the importance of harmonious road sharing. After all, beautiful May weather is even more beautiful by bike!
During Bike Month, Vélo Québec invites you to participate in the biking activities organized for the occasion in your region. The activity schedule published on the site already features over 70 activities in 11 regions of Québec.
In addition to activities, this site offers a host of helpful tips for starting the season off right – biking safely, biking with children, choosing a bike and protecting against bike theft –, a new 20-page bike-to-work guide that clearly explains the hows and whys of urban biking, as well as an analysis that effectively debunks several myths – I live too far away from the office, I don’t want to bike in the rain, etc.  
We also have something for urban biking buffs. The magazine Ville à vélo, a special issue of Vélo Mag distributed free of charge in major Québec cities, presents urban biking trends here and abroad. A colourful snapshot of urban biking culture.
Happy May Biking!
Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO