Viewpoint : November 2018

Letter to the New Minister of Transport

Mr. Bonnardel, I would like to congratulate you on being appointed Minister of Transport of Québec, a position involving enormous challenges in 2018. Your decisions and the actions of your department will have a definite impact not only on personal mobility and freight transport, but also on the entire Québec economy, the health of its citizens and, obviously, the environment. In a context where the number of cars on our roads has never been higher and 40% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by transport, you will have a crucial role to play in implementing concrete solutions promoting respect for Québec’s commitments to the international community in the fight against climate change.
Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to participate in the development of Québec’s Sustainable Mobility Policy. While not perfect, this policy has the merit of taking Québec in the right direction. We hope that you will defend and pursue this important project, made possible through the involvement of numerous civil society organizations.
As a cyclist, you are aware of the many benefits associated with biking, mainly in terms of health and the environment. Combined with public transit, carpooling or car sharing, biking becomes a simple, effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the public health. In Québec, biking is popular in the purest sense of the word. It is enjoyed by 4 million Quebecers, who increasingly make it part of their everyday lives. It is essential to encourage them to pedal even more by offering them favourable environments for commuting to school or work, and by adapting the Highway Safety Code so that they feel like full-fledged users, as cyclists, and protected, as vulnerable users.
For over 30 years, Vélo Québec has worked with your department to advance the cause of cycling in our society. Be assured that we plan to continue working with you to promote sustainable mobility and make biking an integral part of contemporary urban travel.
Happy cycling!

Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO