Viewpoint : March 2017

Mobilizing the cycling community is more important than ever

Municipal officials prefer to put forward projects that receive public approval – which is only natural. To better their odds, they hold consultations in order to gain a better understanding of how a project should be improved or modified. During these consultations, those who express their opinion obviously have a much greater influence than those who don’t.  
As part of a current global trend, many Québec cities are striving to restore a human dimension to their neighbourhoods through the adoption of policies and measures highlighting active transportation. As a result, more and more municipal projects have an impact on biking. 
Of course, Vélo Québec attends numerous consultation sessions in order to represent cyclists’ interests, but we can’t be everywhere at once. I therefore encourage you to get personally involved in the public consultations in your community. In the absence of cyclists, citizens defending other causes tend to monopolize attention. Moreover, at the round table of elected officials during the recent Winter Cycling Congress, the latter asked us to help them get projects that concern us approved by making our viewpoints heard during these consultations.
Over the past few years, the reform of the Highway Safety Code has generated much interest and hope among cyclists. I am pleased to see that many have actively attended the round of SAAQ regional consultations on this subject. Expressing our opinions on such an important issue is essential in order to ensure that lawmakers take our reality and needs into account.
In short, mobilizing the cycling community is more important than ever.
Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO