Viewpoint : September 2017

Municipal Elections on November 5
Je vote vélo!

During the municipal elections in November 2013, fewer than one out of two Quebecers came out to vote. However, the municipal government is the one most directly related to our daily concerns, with a very real impact on our living environment. This role of local government was actually made official by the Québec government in 2016.

There is no question that virtually everything related to biking plays out at the municipal level. Are these issues important to you? Would you like the cycling network in your city to be expanded? Would you like to see more initiatives to encourage biking for travel or recreation? We are counting on you to make your views known to the candidates who will be running for election this fall!

So show your colours. Make it clear that cycling commitments will influence your choice on November 5. You can also fuel debate by sharing your best ideas for promoting biking in your municipality on the Je vote vélo platform, an initiative of Vélo Québec and its partners aimed at giving you a voice. You have until mid-October to submit your proposals, gather votes and generate comments on these ideas. And why not share your ideas on social media to garner more support!

Take advantage of Je vote vélo right away to keep the conversation going and make cycling a key issue in the next election!

Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO