Viewpoint : December 2014

Route verte
And if we all talked future together now?

The Ministère des Transports’ withdrawal of funding for the maintenance of the Route verte revealed an undeniable fact: the strong attachment of Québec’s cycling community and municipalities to this major bike network. Many of the reactions disseminated and shared in the media underlined the Route verte’s contribution to our quality of life and the vitality of our tourist industry.

Summit meeting
Given the formidable impact of the Route verte, as well as current economic realities, Vélo Québec is making arrangement for a potential summit meeting, in early 2015, bringing together a group of partners involved and interested in the future of the Route verte. These partners, from the Québec government, the municipalities and the tourist and business sectors, would pool their efforts to find an innovative short-term solution with long-term impact, for ensuring the longevity of the Route verte.

20 years of effort and eloquent results
It should be noted that this crazy project of creating a bikeway across Québec came to fruition in 1995. Its greatest feat has been to mobilize over a thousand partners in all regions of Québec who, for nearly 20 years, have invested time, energy and money in its maintenance. And with obvious success, since the Route verte is now an international tourist attraction, rated the world’s best cycling path by the National Geographic Society.

Let’s forge ahead
Between now and this anticipated meeting, Vélo Québec will continue to gather support from various stakeholders wishing to find the ideal solution. Individually, I urge you to inform the government of your support for the maintenance of the Route verte. To this end, we have uploaded a letter of support and provided a link to the email addresses of provincial MNAs. Please click here to send this letter to your MNA.

It is vital that we all pedal together now in a show of solidarity for the preservation of the Route verte. Thank you for your cooperation.

Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO