Viewpoint : July 2015

Route verte
Preserving a provincial treasure

Last November, when the fiscal pact was signed between the Québec government and the municipalities, we were dismayed to learn that the government was abolishing the $2.8 million budget earmarked for the maintenance of the municipal and off-road sections of the Route verte. These sections are important, since they represent 2,900 km, or 55% of the Route verte, as we have already informed you.
Over the past few months, Vélo Québec has been busy finding solutions for preventing the reduction or even termination of the maintenance of the Route verte. After months of work and consultations with our partners (municipalities and bike path network managers), we just submitted our proposals to the Ministère des Transports so that it continues to play an active role in the maintenance of the Route verte with the municipalities. This initiative is aimed at ensuring the safety of all users and preserving the public assets and investments granted over the past twenty years.
Vélo Québec’s proposals are inspired by discussions held during the Forum sur l’avenir de la Route verte, which took place in Québec City on April 16 and brought together over eighty municipal councillors and regional stakeholders.
We are asking the Ministère de Transport to carefully consider these concrete proposals and to demonstrate its commitment and leadership in favour of the preservation of the Route verte – a provincial treasure.
To read the proposals made by Vélo Québec to the Québec government, click here.
We hope that summer will bring good news that the Québec government has accepted one or more of our proposals.
Happy biking!
Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO