Viewpoint : January 2017

Vélo Québec celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017!

This is a momentous year for Vélo Québec. Created on January 4, 1967 under the name of Fédération cyclotouriste provinciale, our organization celebrates 50 years of pro-biking actions and initiatives in 2017. To mark this milestone, we will be presenting a series of unique activities over the coming months and adding a special touch to our major events.
It all starts in February, when Montreal hosts the international Winter Cycling Congress 2017, aimed at demystifying and documenting winter biking and making four-season biking a viable option. This event will be followed by Snow Moon by Bike, a festive moonlit parade celebrating the 375th anniversary of Montreal. Who would have thought, 50 years ago, that our bike paths would be cleared of snow in winter and our city would be hosting a winter cycling congress!
Of course, since 1967, surprises, successes and disappointments have punctuated the life of our organization. Our passion has allowed us to carry on in the face of failure, but also fulfil our dream of creating a more bicycle-friendly environment for Quebecers, so that they can travel near and far, whether for recreation or exercise, by bike.
If you want to learn more about the history of Vélo Québec and the important role biking played in Quebec’s past and continues to play today, be sure to read the articles that will appear in this newsletter throughout the year. We will also publish a special edition of Vélo Mag devoted entirely to the history of biking in Quebec, available on newsstands June 1.
Our 50th anniversary is an opportunity not only to reflect on how far we have come, but also to dream about how far we will go.
On behalf of our entire team, I wish you many wonderful cycling adventures in 2017.
Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO