Viewpoint : September 2015

Vélo Québec’s Active Transportation Seminar
Time for Action!

Five years after the first active transportation conference in June 2010, Vélo Québec is organizing a second event in Montréal on September 23 and 24. The On the Move in the Community – Solutions for Québec conference invites Québec stakeholders and decision-makers to share their good practices and explore progressive initiatives in the area of active transportation.
Of course, we are pleased to see how popular biking and walking have become since 2010! Today, more and more municipalities are adopting an active mobility plan or including active transportation in their commuting plan. Thanks to the implementation of the On the Move in the Community program, educators from all regions of Québec are now focused on promoting active, safe commuting to school. In addition, the Route verte is increasingly used for accessing public transit, getting to work or shopping, and not just for tourism and recreation purposes.
As a society committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, we have a responsibility to develop active transportation. This is an effective way to contribute individually to the collective effort to change commuting habits throughout Québec. And even though the concept of active commuting is catching on, it is high time to take action!
This conference will allow us to take stock of the situation and share experiences. It is open to all those who are working actively on these issues.
Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO