Viewpoint : While 4-season biking is a growing phenomenon, the arrival of spring still remains an exciting time for most cyclists, who can finally get out their bikes. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to beat the spring rush and get your bike tuned up right away.

Spring also brings its share of winter-worn streets. As cyclists, we are particularly vulnerable to pot holes, so ride carefully and avoid deep puddles that may hide a crater.

At Vélo Québec, we are mainly preoccupied with cycling infrastructure work. Given the revelations at the Charbonneau Commission and the new contract allocation legislation passed by the Québec government, there is cause for concern about the rate at which new bike paths will be developed in Québec. We keep reiterating the fact that bikeway development promotes active mobility that is efficient and greenhouse gas-free. It also constitutes an intelligent investment due to its excellent price-quality ratio. Who could pass it up?

For Vélo Québec, urban development in favour of cyclists and pedestrians must come first and we will be particularly attentive to the obstacles cited far too often as justification for inaction. The cities must provide a recurrent budget for promoting sustainable mobility, without which all of this will remain meaningless words and principles.

In conclusion, Un pont, une piste is our motto! It was announced that the Champlain Bridge, which will be rebuilt over the coming years, will include a path for pedestrians and cyclists. We will be monitoring the development of the project closely, since it is unthinkable to us that a government would plan to construct a bridge or viaduct in the 21st century (in Montréal or Pontiac) without considering pedestrians and cyclists. We will be on the alert.