Viewpoint : September 2013

Cycling and the future of our cities

In light of the municipal elections on November 3rd, Vélo Québec today announced its hopes and expectations for making Quebec municipalities friendlier and safer for cyclists. They are based in two main proposals:

  1. Significantly increase biking as a means of commuting for Quebecers by targeting 5% for all Quebec cities
  2. Invest in bike paths and traffic calming.

Vélo Québec has observed the evolution of biking in Quebec for the past 46 years. It seems clear that cities are aware of the virtues of commuting by bike and the expectations of their cycling citizens (52% of the Quebec population bikes, including 2 million people every week). However, while most cities have taken steps to adopt a sustainable mobility plan, which obviously includes biking, the fact remains that little money has been allocated in this regard and the deadlines are often far too long. In short, cities adhere to the principle but lack a sense of urgency to develop biking infrastructures, which makes us doubt the good faith of many elected officials. Intentions are well and good, but action is the basis on which we judge our politicians.

Vélo Québec is therefore advancing its proposals, which affect all Quebec cities, along with a slightly more detailed analysis for Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Quebec City and Gatineau.

The elections are approaching and this platform will help us give voice to Quebec cyclists’ expectations of their politicians. Feel free to use it to demand long-awaited changes and clear commitments from the election candidates and your elected representatives.

Have fun on the road this Fall!