Viewpoint : September 2016

Make biking part of the solution!

Delayed maintenance of our road infrastructures, combined with increased traffic over the past few years, will once again create havoc on our highways and bridges this September. In Montreal alone, the Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification has earmarked $46 million for implementing solutions aimed at helping motorists survive the multiple construction projects planned for this fall. We applaud these measures, most of which are designed to promote the use of public transit, and point out, in passing, that two people per car at rush hour would reduce congestion by half…
Unfortunately, despite the growing popularity of safe, well-designed bikeways, the government’s proposed solutions do not include improvements to cycling infrastructures. Since mitigation measures or a lack of money are clearly not at issue, we feel that Québec is missing a golden opportunity to integrate biking into the urban mobility equation.
Meanwhile in Europe, bicycle highways are all the rage - and for good reason. The concept of a 4-meter-wide bike lane, fully segregated from cars, where traffic lights are synchronized with the flow of cyclists, meets an obvious transportation need. These bicycle highways are designed to lengthen daily bike commutes, link suburbs to city centers and reduce overall travel time.
We would like the Minister of Sustainable Mobility to demonstrate that he truly believes in biking and its contribution to urban mobility. We appreciate the fact that he wants to improve mobility for all city dwellers, but wish he had the tenacity to make biking part of the solution.

Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO