Pedalling for a cause: a real possibility!

You work for a charitable organization and are looking for fundraising ideas? You’re thinking about organizing an event to achieve your campaign’s financial objectives? Vélo Québec proposes taking advantage of its major cycling events – Tour de l’Île de Montréal, Un Tour la Nuit, Summer Challenges – to raise funds for the cause dear to your heart!

By associating with Vélo Québec’s well-established events, your organization can put all its energy into fundraising and focus on what matters most: encouraging participation and achieving financial objectives. For its part, Vélo Québec offers turnkey events, free of logistical worries and organizational costs, as well as an attractive registration fee for your organization. What could be better?

How it works
An organization that wishes to use a Vélo Québec event to raise funds is responsible for all the fundraising aspects: setting the campaign’s financial objectives; mobilizing and recruiting participants in the community; soliciting, collecting and managing the funds raised, etc.

As producer, Vélo Québec welcomes your organization (and its participants) into its events and contributes to your fundraising efforts by offering you preferential registration rates. The more participants you register, the more you save. On the day of the event, the members of your group will have access to all the services available to every participant.

In 2016, Vélo Québec is pleased to welcome cyclists riding for the following cause: To take advantage of the benefits offered to charitable organizations, here’s what you must do:
  • Contact us to open a file and find out the procedure to follow;
  • Form a group of at least 25 people in order to be eligible for the preferential rates, while respecting the registration deadline for every Vélo Québec event;
  • Provide information about each member of the group (including children aged 12 and under), once the group is complete;
  • Make a single payment for the whole group.
The reduction granted per registration is based on the regular rate for the event. It should be noted that children aged 0 to 12 ride for free in Tour la Nuit and Tour de l’Île. However, while more than welcome, they cannot be counted as a member of your group.

If your group consists of 25 to 49 people:
  • Get a 15% reduction per registration.
If your group consists of 50 to 99 people:
  • Get a 20% reduction per registration;
  • Other benefit: possibility of a meeting point for your group the morning of the start.
If your group consists of 100 to 249 people:
  • Get a 25% reduction per registration;
  • Other benefits: possibility of a meeting point for your group the morning of the start; your organization’s logo on the charitable organizations page of Vélo Québec’s Web site.
If your group consists of 250 people or more:
  • Get a discount of 30% per registration;
  • Other benefits:
    • Mention in a Vélo Québec newsletter;
    • Mention in VQ’s social networks (Facebook and Twitter);
    • Your organization’s logo and hyperlink on the charitable organizations page of Vélo Québec’s Web site;
    • At Tour la Nuit and Tour de l’Île:
      • Special start;
      • Possibility of installing your 10 x 10 booth at the finish site;
      • 2 VIP registrations (access to Vélo Québec’s VIP tent after the tour).
Events and % reduction
depending on the number of participants
25 to 49 people 50 to 99 people 100 to 249 people 250 to 499 people
15% 20% 25% 30%
Tour de l'Île de Montréal (28-50 km)
(Sunday, June 5)*
$29 $27 $25.50 $24
Tour la Nuit
(Friday, June 3)
$22 $21 $19.50 $18
Metropolitan Challenge
(Sunday, May 29)
$51 $48 $45 $42
Lanaudière Challenge
(Saturday, June 11)
$51 $48 $45 $42
Eastern Townships Challenge
(Saturday, September 10)
$51 $48 $45 $42

All prices include taxes.
*Rates of 50 km Express and 65-100 km Découverte will be provided on request.

Vélo Québec’s partners and sponsors
All Vélo Québec’s events are made possible thanks to the participation of numerous partners and sponsors. Therefore, if your charitable organization associates with our events to raise funds, you are required to respect the contracts that bind us regarding the promotion of your participation in any of these events.

It is important to remember that your organization does not have the right to use Vélo Québec’s events to promote its own sponsors, either before or during the event in which you participate. It should also be noted that the solicitation of donations on the event site is not permitted.