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La Route verte

Vélo Québec is pleased that Transports Québec has restored funding for the Route verte

>> par Vélo Québec  Montréal, September 12, 2003 — Vélo Québec is pleased with the announcement that Transports Québec has restored funding for the development of the Route verte this year. The Ministère des Transports du Québec announced today that it will invest $1.3 million in the Route verte development program in 2003.

“We are pleased that the efforts of Transport Minister Yvon Marcoux, who has been overseeing this project, have led to the restoration of funding for the Route verte. By allocating these funds, Mr. Marcoux and the new minister for Transport, Julie Boulet, have confirmed that the completion of the Route verte is a priority for the Government of Québec,” says Jean-François Pronovost, Executive Director of Vélo Québec.

“The Route verte is very popular in the various regions of Québec,” adds Mr. Pronovost, “particularly among those involved in the tourism and cycling industries.” According to the Executive Director of Vélo Québec, “Our partners recognize that every investment of this kind has a significant economic impact on the regions of Québec.”

This announcement was made 48 hours after Premier Jean Charest affirmed his support for the Route verte. At the 28th Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers in Groton, Connecticut, the premier of Québec presented a resolution supporting the development of links between the green corridors of the various member states and provinces, and specifically mentioned the Route verte. According to Mr. Pronovost, who also attended the conference, “Mr. Charest clearly demonstrated that he considers the Route verte to be an important initiative.”

Vélo Québec is scheduled to meet with the new minister for Transport, Julie Boulet, this fall. At this meeting, they will establish a precise schedule as well as the policies and procedures for the completion of La Route verte. The inauguration of the Route verte, slated for 2006, will also be discussed.

The Route verte, a bikeway network that will eventually comprise a total of 4,300 kilometres, is currently 75% complete (3,200 km). According to a study by the UQAM Chair of Tourism, the completed portions of the Route verte generate $95 million in economic spinoffs, including $15 million in taxes paid to the Government of Québec.

The Route verte concept originated with Vélo Québec and is being realized in collaboration with Transports Québec, the Government of Québec and regional partners.

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