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On the move in the community!

Program now online

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Montreal, April 13, 2010 – The program for On the move in the community!, Canada’s first active transportation conference, is now available online at The conference will be held on June 3, 2010, at the Holiday Inn Select in Montreal. The following day, a series of workshops is planned at sites throughout Montreal.

Slated to speak at the conference are a number of major players in Canada’s active transportation sector as well as European experts who have been invited to share their experience and success stories with conference participants. Highlights include a talk by Paul Osborne, Project Director of Sustrans’ Safe Routes to Schools program, which has transformed the school travel habits of thousands of young people in the U.K. Also featured is a presentation by Danish architect Kristian S. Villadsen, an authority in people-oriented urban design in Nordic cities. Catherine Zaccaria, coordinator of Pedibus in Lausanne, Switzerland, will present an ambitious initiative that has resulted in thousands of students using active transportation to get to and from school. Experts from a variety of Canadian cities will also contribute to the conferences and panels, sharing information on ideas that have worked across the country. One of the panels will tackle the issues and achievements associated with active transportation solutions in areas outside the major cities.

Vélo Québec, for cyclists and pedestrians
Although Vélo Québec has been best known over the past 43 years as a cycling advocate for leisure and travel (la Route verte), it has also made its mark since 2004 in the active transportation field. Its On the Move to School! program aims to reduce dependence on the automobile for daily travel between home and school. The On the move in the community! initiative calls on municipalities to commit to planning and developing cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly environments.

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