Vélo MSM

Types de pratique

  • XC • Cross-country
  • EN • Enduro
  • FAT • Fatbike
Vélo Québec

Niveaux des sentiers

  • Facile
  • Intermédiaire
  • Difficile
  • Très difficile

Sentiers montagne

33 km

Sentiers d'hiver

7 km

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Lake Loop
Hotel and California/Ridgeback is a shorter loop around Lac Fournier. Don’t be fooled with the distance -there are still plenty of technical demands on this tight and adventurous trail! This is a great loop to pad your total ride duration, or for inexperienced riders and those trying to build their fitness. It is also popular with the local trail runners. Riders are treated to scenery around the lake including a stop along the shore’s cliffs and eventually a nice view high above on top of a ridge. For 2012, trail building plans will see access to both ends of the trail from the beach at the lake.

Mountain Loop
The ‘big’ loop consists of a 4 km grind up Radar Road . You’ll be riding close to the top of Cheval Blanc (in fact above the ski lift and almost to the tower). Near the top of Radar Road you’ll find the entrance on the right to ‘Pilsner’ trail which eventually exits at the top of Vanier. At the top of Vanier you’re greeted with one of the several awesome views of this loop and the trailhead to ‘Lager’ trail. Lager Trail exits near the bottom of Radar Road to complete the loop. These trials are technical, challenging, and designed for experienced riders. They also require a high degree of fitness. All told, the ‘big’ loop is approx 8km and 1500 feet of elevation climbed/descended. Current record time is 46 minutes.