Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about events of the Go Bike Montréal Festival – registration, program for the day, itinerary, what to bring – read the following Frequently Asked Questions section for answers.


How can I register?

There are many ways to register for the Go Bike Montréal Festival.

  • Online: forms in French or in English
  • By phone: 514-521-8356, ext. 504, or 1-800 -567-8356, ext. 504
  • In person: at Maison des cyclistes, located at 1251 Rachel street East, in Montréal

How much does it cost?

Consult the links below to know rates and registration relating to the event which you want to register for.

Do I absolutely need to pay in order to participate?

Yes, registration is mandatory. Yes, registration is mandatory. It helps offset the costs of organizing the event, as well as control the number of cyclists on the route and ensure their safety. Once you register, you will receive a bib allowing you to participate in the ride and benefit from the services offered – mechanical repairs, first aid, toilets, water, handwashing stations – and to enjoy all the treats offered by our sponsors in accordance with the sanitary measures in effect.

Can children participate? How much do children pay?

Children of all ages are welcome to participate. Those 14 years old and less must be accompanied by an adult. The Tour la Nuit and Tour de l’Île are free for those 12 years old and under, however registration is mandatory. Those aged 13 to 17 benefit from a discounted rate of $10 ($20 at the Metropolitan Challenge).

Are there group rates?

The group registration will be available in 2022. Click here for more informations.

Where does the money from registration go?

Vast resources are required in order to deploy an event the size of Go Bike Montréal Festival, such as a team of permanent employees plus contractual workers. Registration fees go to cover costs associated to the activities, logistics, communications, customer service, setting up the access points as well as the signage, printing and mailing the bibs, as well as dealing with all implied intervenants, and of course training around 1750 volunteers.

Once registered, what will I receive?

You will be mailed a bib, which you must wear in order to participate in the event, as well as a notice. This notice will give you the web link for obtaining the latest information about the Tour, health measures in effect, directions for getting to the event, as well as tips to make the most of your experience.

If you are registered in the Metropolitan Challenge, you will be mailed a bracelet entitling you to lunch, as well as a notice giving you the web link for obtaining the latest information about the event, including health measures in effect.

Consult Info-Bib to know the mailing date of documents relating to the event which you’ve registered for.

I still didn’t receive my bib. Is this normal?

The mailing dates for bibs depend on your registration date and the correctness of coordinates sent to us. Consult Info-Bib to know the mailing dates of bibs for all of our events.

What do I need to do if I lost my bib?

For all questions relating to the loss of your bib, you may call our customer service line at 514-521-8356, ext. 504, or 1-800-567-8356, ext. 504.

Can I register on the spot?

We strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible before the event. This way, you will benefit from the best rates and receive your bib in the mail.

What are the cancellation and refund policies?

A registration is a final sale. Go Bike Montréal events take place rain or shine.

Should an event be completely cancelled following an official notice from government authorities due to COVID-19, the participant will have 2 options:

  • Defer his/her registration without charge to the same event in 2023
  • Request a refund for the registration amount

During the event

What distance will I ride? At what time is the start?

In 2022, the Tour de l’Île de Montréal offers only one 36-km itinerary. Departure starts at 9:30 a.m., from 3 access points on the route, spreading over a little more than two hours between 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. When registering, you will choose your start time among 4 time slots.

The Tour la Nuit has a 22-km itinerary. Departure starts at 8 p.m., from 2 access points on the route, spreading over a little more than an hour. When registering, you will choose your start time among 4 time slots.

The Metropolitan Challenge lets you pick from 5 itineraries, ranging from 52 to 145 km. Departure spreads between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.When registering, you will choose your start time among 6 time slots.

At what time do I need to be at the starting point?

Due to the new start scenario for each of our events, you must choose your start time and location when you register. This information will appear on your receipt.

How much time will the tour take? Is there a time limit?

There is no official time limit, but of course we need to reopen the streets to motor traffic after a few hours. If you are a bit slow, the broom wagon will gently encourage you to catch up.

Tour la Nuit
At the Tour la Nuit, the itinerary (22 km), at average speed, takes around 1 h 45 to complete.

Tour de l’Île de Montréal
No matter what your level is, the total time needed depends on your speed as well as the amount of breaks you take. The Tour de l’Île (36 km) takes on average 2:30 hours to complete if making short stops in the access points.

Is this a timed race?

No, these 2022 events are not competitive.

Are there shorter itineraries for children?

The Tour la Nuit and the Tour de l’Île propose an itinerary of 22 and 36 km respectively, in order to cater to younger ones. It’s the ideal choice for a pleasant family ride.

Are there any special instructions for when it comes to riding with children?

If your child is in a seat or in a trailer, make sure it is solidly attached and that he or she is wearing a helmet. A stop is recommended at each rest area so that they can stretch their legs. Consider applying sunscreen on them and bringing raingear.

If your child has their own bicycle and they are 14 years old or less, they must be accompanied by an adult. They must have an ID on them, as well as the phone number of a parent or a friend, just in case*. Before starting, show them the bike info as a meeting place at the access points (3 at Tour de l’Île, 2 at Tour la Nuit).

*Tip and advice: write the phone number on the inside of the bib worn by your child.

What happens in case of a mechanical problem?

Along the entire route, you will find volunteers assigned to bicycle mechanics. Their red t-shirts have an image of wrench key, and they will be able to help you in the case of mechanical trouble. Repair service is free. You will just need to pay for any pieces.

What happens if I can’t finish the itinerary?

There will be support vehicles to take you back to your start site at the Tour la Nuit and Tour de l’Île de Montréal. The routes offered in 2022 are short enough to be accessible to everyone. It is also possible to leave the route at any time in order to shorten your outing.

Are there first aid services?

Yes. At the Tour la Nuit, there is a first aid station at each one of two access points (La Fontaine and Maisonneuve Parks)

At the Tour de l’Île, there is a first aid station at each one of three access points (La Fontaine, MacDonald and Angrignon Parks)

Furthermore, there are volunteers who will patrol the various itineraries. They have training in first aid and carry a first aid kit.

Is the event cancelled or delayed in case of rain?

The events take place rain or shine. It is therefore essential to wear weather-appropriate and comfortable clothing, and to carry raingear in case of precipitation.

The itinerary

Am I able to participate in the Tour?

People of all ages and physical conditions normally participate. Although certain itineraries, such as the Metropolitan Challenge, are aimed to performance cyclists, the Tour de l’Île itineraries (36 km) and the Tour la Nuit (22 km) can be completed by all.

What is the elevation of the itinerary?

There is not much elevation in the city of Montréal and the itineraries of the Tour de l’Île and the Tour la Nuit are rather flat and accessible to all.

As far as the Metropolitan Challenge is concerned, the itinerary changes every year. Participants receive all the documentation concerning the elevation.

Where can I see the itinerary?

Click on Tour de l’Île or Tour la Nuit to visualise your itinerary.

What streets are closed at what time?

To get around more easily and to obtain all the information about street closures, consult Info-Circulation.

The day of the event

Can I bring my bicycle in the metro?

For more information, consult the STM Web site at the end of May:

How do I get to the Tour if I’m coming from outside of Montréal?

You will find a map giving you the information on getting to the Tour de l’Île de Montréal and to the Tour la Nuit by consulting Info-Circulation, which also details the streets closed to motor traffic during the events.

Is parking available for the participants?

Given the start scenario at the Tour la Nuit and Tour de l’Île – 2 or 3 different access points – we suggest that you locate nearby public parking areas before participating in the event.

Is there lodging nearby?

You will find additional information regarding other possibilities of accommodations by visiting the website of Tourisme Montréal.

Where can I rent a bike in order to participate in Go Bike Montréal Festival?

BIXI offer
More information to come on the BIXI offer.

Many shops in the Montréal area offer a bike rental service. You will need to contact them in order to make necessary arrangements.

What to bring?

How do we need to dress in order to participate?

Wear comfortable clothing, adapted to the weather. Plan to bring raingear and a change of clothes in case of inclement weather. Choose bike panniers and baskets rather than a backpack which is often cumbersome and uncomfortable.

Do we need to wear helmets?

Vélo Québec strongly recommends wearing a helmet during our cycling events. Wearing one or not is a decision that each individual can take, but a helmet remains a very effective way to reduce head injury in case of a collision.

Is lunch included?

Registration to the Tour de l’Île de Montréal and to the Tour la Nuit does not include a meal. You will need to bring your own lunch.

Registration to the Metropolitan Challenge includes a meal. All you need to do is to show your participant bracelet to claim your lunch. Upon signing up, you can choose between obtaining your lunch at the lunch rest area or the arrival site.

What are essential items to bring?

Don’t forget your bib, or your bracelet for the Metropolitan Challenge. This is essential if you wish to participate in the events.

For all outings, plan to bring:

  • a bottle of water to hydrate yourself throughout the ride;
  • some snacks or a picnic;
  • your “basic COVID kit”: hydroalcoholic solution, wipes, face mask for places where physical distancing is not possible;
  • a piece of ID and a bit of money just in case;
  • a lock is recommended, if you plan on stopping and stay away from your bicycle

Basic tools (tire levers, pump, spare tire tube) can be useful if you are able to repair your bicycle on your own. However, along the route will be volunteers assigned to mechanics, helping you out in case of a technical problem.

Those participating at the Tour la Nuit must also have bicycle lights, which include a white light at the front and a red one at the rear.

Other questions

Can I participate in the event by jogging or in-line skating?

No. The Go Bike Montréal Festival is an event reserved exclusively to cyclists.

Are electric bicycles allowed on the track?

All types of bicycles are permitted, including unicycles, tandems and electric-assisted bicycles (with an engine of maximum 500 watts and a speed of no more than 35 km/h). Scooters equipped with pedals and electric unicycles, also known as solowheels or gyroroues, are forbidden.

Are animals allowed on the Tour?

No animal, whether tied to a leash or not, will be tolerated on the rides. If you wish to participate with your pet, he or she must be in a bike basket or a trailer.

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