Tour la Nuit
Friday Bike Ride under the Stars
JUNE 2 2023 Montréal

Every Tour la Nuit is an event – a huge fresco in motion. It’s Friday night, the streets are car-free, the sun is sinking into the horizon and you are one of thousands of cyclists, with your coloured lights and costumes, setting off into the night. The streets sparkle with laughter and fun and – thanks to you – Montréal is a city in motion!

The Tour la Nuit is back…

Enjoy the BEST RATE OF THE YEAR! Ride the Tour by Night and discover Montreal as you’ve never seen it before, illuminated by the thousands of lights on the bikes and costumes of the participants who make this nighttime bike ride so famous. Experience this unique cycling festival, accompanied by thousands of people on bikes through the beautiful streets of Montreal, with music and a great celebration of active mobility!

More details on the course to come.


2023 Prices

Holiday offer
November 25 to January 2, 2023
13-17 years old $10
Adult $24
Vélo Québec Member $20

Were you at the Tour la Nuit? Your official souvenir photo will be available right here!

You can pick up your portrait at the Chocolate Milk Photo Zone right now.


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