Meeting point and schedule

On Friday, May 31, 2024, get your lights and your colorful clothes out to take part in a spectacular parade of cyclists of all ages, ready to joyfully illuminate the Montreal night. A magical evening of cycling under the stars on car-free streets!

A party before the start! 

This year, the party starts before you even start pedalling! You’re invited to Parc Jeanne-Mance starting at 6 p.m., where you’ll find street food trucks, a festive atmosphere on our terrace and a ton of entertainment to keep you entertained before you set off on your bike.

Start at the selected time

Show up on Friday, May 31, 2024, at the time you chose when you registered, at the corner of Parc avenue and Mont-Royal avenue.

Departure will be from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. It is important to respect the time chosen when you registered. Please refer to your transaction confirmation or to your customer account.

If you would like to ride with participants whose start time and location are different from yours, visit your customer account to adjust your choice in the “Events” section.

Plan your route to the start

Here are a few options to help you get to the starting line on the day of the event.

By bike

To plan your route to the start

From the Tour la Nuit Google map below:

1 – Click on the access point at the corner of avenue du Parc and avenue Mont-Royal;

2 – Click on the route symbol   , a Google map will open;

3 – Indicate your departure address (the destination address will already be indicated) and select the bike symbol. Your route to the entry point will appear. This route, optimized by Google, may not include cycle paths and lanes.

From the Route verte interactive map :

1 – Click on the Jeanne-Mance Park access point at the corner of avenue du Parc and avenue Mont-Royal on the Google map and copy the name of the entry point (the name of the park or intersection);

2 – Click the following link to create an itinerary on the Route verte interactive map;

3 – Paste the destination address (the entry point) and the starting point in the appropriate boxes. Choose the location closest to the entry point and click on “Route”. The route generated will be optimized for cyclists automatically.

By public transit


The Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) will be allowing Tour la Nuit cyclists access to the metro to get to the start of the event on the entire network. Unlike in previous years, this means that access to the metro by bike is not limited to certain stations during the event. The first car of each train is to be avoided, but a maximum of 2 bikes/car is accepted for the other cars. Tandem bikes, tricycles and trailers will not be allowed.

STM staff will be on hand at stations to guide you, and train frequency will be increased.

The STM would also like to inform cyclists that in the event of an emergency requiring the evacuation of trains, bicycles must remain inside the cars, to ensure the safety of passengers. Similarly, in the event of bad weather, the only three metro stations accessible for the return journey are those indicated below.

For further information:


For the Tour la Nuit, REM will make it easier for South Shore cyclists to get to the starting points for both of these events. REM employees will be on hand at the stations to guide you, more bikes will be allowed in the cars at the same time, and service frequency will be increased.

However, tandem bikes, tricycles and trailers are prohibited.

For further information:

By car

Tour de l’Île de Montréal, Sunday, June 2

Please refer to the maps and street closing times to plan your route and parking. It is possible to park your vehicle on certain streets in the vicinity of the Tour de l’Île de Montréal departure point. Please pay attention to the signs.

Our Traffic Information page will be updated shortly.

Your bib

Don’t forget your bib. It’s your visiting card to access the various services.

This year, the bib is changing! You’ll receive a rectangular bib with pins to attach it to your shirt on the day of the event.

In case of rain, we invite you to attach your bib to the handlebars of your bike using tie-wrap fasteners.

The number on the bib is not linked to your registration, but will be used to collect your photo from the Chocolate Milk Photo Zone after the event.

-> When you pass through the photo-taking area, make sure the number is visible.
-> After the event, we’ll send you an e-mail to get your photo.
-> Remember your number to help you find what your photo!

Tips and tricks for a smooth ride

Before you leave, here are a few tips and a checklist of things to bring on Tour la Nuit night.

A bike in good condition

Before leaving, make sure your bike is in good condition: tires well inflated; components well adjusted and well oiled (brakes, chain, derailleur, etc.); accessories well attached to the bike (luggage rack, basket, bottle cage, pump, etc.)

Comfortable clothing

Bring rain gear and a windbreaker. Put everything in a waterproof plastic bag, to be slipped into a bicycle bag, basket or bag that is securely attached to the luggage rack. Avoid backpacks. Even though summer’s at our door, evenings in May can become surprisingly cold. Make sure to pack an extra piece of warm clothing for your upper body if the weather forecast projects a drop in temperature during the Tour la Nuit.


Don’t forget: your bib; some snacks; a raincoat; identification; your water bottle. Thank you for helping us ride in an environmentally responsible manner.

Be visible at night

According to the Road Safety Code, a bicycle must have the following reflectors: white (on the front), red (on the rear and on the rear wheel) and yellow (on the front wheel and on the pedals). At night, it must also have an active lighting system (white headlight at the front and red light at the back).

A gift of light at the Tour la Nuit: To help you shine under the stars, LE LAIT and DESJARDINS are giving you a flashing light at your departure!

Tons of entertainment for your Tour la Nuit!

A unique start

Start time is 8 p.m. and will run until 9:30 p.m.

However, you’re invited to join us at Parc Jeanne-Mance from 6:00 p.m. for a festive start to the evening before hitting the road! Street food trucks, a terrace and a Le Lait fun zone with giant games await you.

The festive atmosphere will be provided by Calcium, Le Lait’s official mascot, and Julie Ringuette, the official spokesperson for the Festival Go vélo Montréal! Our MC will also be on hand to warm up the crowd, and there’ll be a talk before the start.

Pick up your bike light courtesy of Lait and Desjardins, and your snack courtesy of Good to Go!

Don’t hesitate to visit the Sports Experts team for all your mechanical worries throughout the event. You’ll also find basic services (first aid, mechanical assistance, washrooms, INFO booth and registration).

A fun-filled course

Along the way, you’ll find animation presented by Desjardins, and don’t forget to smile as you pass through the Chocolate Milk Photo Zone!

Keep your eyes peeled for MAPP_MTL’s eye-catching light projections. Visuals from our poster produced by Ben Tardif will be featured!

Having a little trouble on the road? In addition to the mobile team of Sports Experts mechanics who’ll be riding with you, red-clad volunteers are on hand to help with bike mechanics and first aid.

Can’t finish the Tour? Support vehicles can take you back to your starting point. You can also leave the route at any time to shorten your ride.

An epic finish line

At the finish line, celebrate the end of your Tour la Nuit with musical encouragement from Desjardins and the traditional Chocolate Milk!

Our finish site in Parc Jeanne-Mance promises a wicked party that leaves plenty of room for the big bike party! On the menu: an entertaining program with a musical ambience and the presence of Illumina, a group of crowd entertainers who will blow your mind! A Milk fun zone with giant games will be available to entertain the whole family!

To celebrate this first feat of summer, come and lounge on our spacious terrace, where you’ll be able to eat and drink from a variety of street trucks and Siboire microbreweries.

Register your bike with Garage 529 and try out Made Good’s delicious products.

Tips on the road and services provided

Riding among many cyclists during the Tour la Nuit requires a minimum of caution. Traffic generally flows smoothly, but slowdowns can occur. Ride at your own pace and watch for imperfections in the road. In the event that volunteers ask you to yield to pedestrians wishing to cross the street, or to an emergency vehicle, please be courteous.

Signal your intentions

Using your arm or voice, signal your intention to stop, turn or pass (always from the left). If you want to stop, avoid sudden stops. Clear the way and pull over to the side of the road.

Protect your head

Wearing a helmet is recommended. A well-fitting helmet does not slip on the forehead or neck; the front and rear straps meet and the chin strap is not too tight.

If you ride under the rain

Brake efficiency will decrease under the rain. Ride slower and allow more distance to stop. If it rains heavily, it’s best to take cover and wait.

If you ride with a child

Is the child in a seat or trailer? Securely fasten the straps and protect the child’s head with a helmet. Stop at serviced access points to stretch their legs. Bring a raincoat and don’t leave anything in their hands (bottles, toys, etc.).

Does the child have their own bike? If they are under 14, they must be accompanied by an adult. Make sure they have identification, a snack and the phone number of a parent or friend (on the inside of their bib). Indicate the Infobike booth as a meeting point at the serviced access points.

Little pleasures of the Tour

During the Tour la Nuit, our precious partners will be with us to offer you small gifts.

Enjoy your chocolate milk, courtesy of Quebec Milk Producers. Plus, there are 15 essential nutrients in there. You deserve it!

Show off your best smile at the Chocolate Milk Photo Zone. Make sure you remember the time of your visit so you can easily pick up your photo after the event.

Vibrate to the rhythm of the bike with Desjardins‘ musical entertainment on the course. A great Friday night where the fun is in the streets!

Pas de vélo? Pas grave! Roulez avec BIXI au Tour de l’Île de Montréal!

Les détails de l’offre sera communiquée ici sous peu. Revenez nous voir!

*Inscription au Tour la Nuit en sus, voir conditions sur le site BIXI.

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