Our team

Our planners, geographers, geomaticians and engineers are passionate about what they do.

They have crisscrossed streets, roads, bikeways, paths and trails across Quebec, Canada and around the world and are eager to share what they have learned with you. Through their studies, their travels, the guides they have written, the projects they have lead and the conferences they have attended, they have acquired one-of-a-kind expertise in pedestrian- and bike-friendly environments.

Stéphane Blais

Director – Research & Consulting

Antoine Hébert Maher

B.Sc. Urban Studies

Project Leader – Research & Consulting

Émile Pronovost

Technician – Consulting

Alexis Fortin-Boulay

Technician – Consulting

Maxime Résibois

Master 2 Géographie et territoire


Lucile Walz


Karoll-Ann Smith

Technician – Gematics

Ahmad Naser Eldein

Administrative Coordinator