In the 50 years since our organization was founded in 1967, we have earned a reputation as experts and leaders in the active transportation field. Our passionate team of professionals is dedicated to helping you set up cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly facilities in any environment.

We have spent the past five decades studying best practices and winning solutions from around the country, around the continent and around the world. In so doing, we have drawn inspiration from the latest advances in facility planning and policy development. Our technical guides and research have become sought-after references both here at home and internationally.

From an initial needs assessment, all the way through to final project delivery, your initiatives will benefit from our hands-on, leading-edge approach, which includes on-site walkabouts and bikeabouts, state-of-the-art electronic devices, and specialized software and geomatics systems to gather, process and spatially analyze key data.

Our solutions are designed to enhance safety, comfort and convenience for pedestrians and cyclists. We will work with you to find suitable ways to help them share the road with motorists, in accordance with your budget and existing infrastructure.

Cycling tourism routes and cartography

Given the ongoing popularity of bicycle tourism and trekking, there is a strong demand to develop specialty routes. Interested in providing visitors with a unique way to visit wine estates, public gardens, artists’ studios and more? Our team can help you brainstorm and come up with one-of-a-kind routes that take into account key tourist attractions in your area, existing infrastructure, type of terrain and level of difficulty. Take full advantage of our turnkey services!

Bicycle Parking

The provision of convenient and secure bicycle parking facilities is an effective way to encourage more people to embrace a two-wheeled lifestyle. We can help you choose the right parking solutions to meet your logistical and budgetary requirements and determine the necessary capacity to cater to the cyclists in your community.

Mountain Bike / Fatbike Trails and Parks

The growing interest in mountain biking and fatbiking has prompted local governments, summer camps and other establishments to set up bike parks and sustainable cycling trails in urban and wooded environments. Looking to expand your lineup of services or enhance your existing facilities? Tap into the insight of our in-house experts!

Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities

Our consultants will help you plan design safe, efficient and attractive facilities that pedestrians and cyclists can use every day for their commuting and recreational needs.