Bicycle Parking

In order to appeal to cyclists, bicycle parking structures need to meet several criteria. They must be safe, secure, easy to use and available in plentiful supply.

We can sit down with you to analyze your needs in this regard and help you select the type and quantity of bicycle racks to install in your municipality or in the vicinity of your business, school or establishment.

Properly installed and strategically located bike parking facilities are highly space-efficient and deter cyclists from locking their bikes to trees and street furniture. And here’s a fun fact: any given car parking stall can easily accommodate up 7 to 10 bicycles!


Bicycle Parking Master Plan

Our team prepares bicycle parking master plans for municipalities, for colleges and universities, and for other large sites.

Whether it’s on-street, in a park, at a public facility or an office building, the bicycle parking cannot be improvised haphazardly if it is to be secure and convenient. Our team will help you identify bicycle trip-generating locations, select secure and accessible sites, establish the minimum capacity requirements, and select the right racks and complementary amenities for your bicycle parking facilities. We can also provide general guidelines for the layout of bicycle racks.

Bike Station Planning

Every bicycle commuter desires to park their ride in a secure location, where they don’t need to worry about theft, vandalism, and the wrath of Mother Nature. This desire can be met with a bike station – an enclosed, controlled-access bicycle shelter.

If you’re interested in implementing this type of facility, we can help you determine the ideal capacity and choose a location that will suit your employees or clients.

Technical Workshops for Planning and Design Professionals

Are you a transportation planner, an architect, or a property manager? Let us show you how to plan and design high-quality bicycle parking facilities on your own. We will show you how to determine the required capacity, how to choose the right equipment, and how to identify ideal indoor or outdoor locations that are secure and convenient to access with a bicycle.