Mountain Bike / Fatbike Trails and Parks

Mountain biking and fatbiking enthusiasts are growing in number.

To accommodate their needs, more municipal administrations and park and summer camp operators are developing spaces and trails in urban and wooded areas.

Whether you are looking to expand your range of services or optimize the use of your existing infrastructure (cabins, ski/snowshoeing trails, etc.), you can rely on our experts for knowledgeable advice on how to make the best possible choices.


Feasibility Studies

Let our mountain biking and fatbiking experts explore the development potential of these activities in your community. Run your ideas by our experts and they will give you suggestions and help you fine-tune your plans and identify the steps to follow to implement your project.

These types of studies can apply to trail systems and other types of bike parks, which may include pumptracks, jump tracks and bike skills parks.


Once your feasibility study is completed, we can help you establish a master plan to build mountain bike or fatbike trails or a bike park. We will help you define your project objectives and identify which terrains are amenable to which types of practices and users.

Facility Design

Our experts can help you plan mountain bike and fatbike trail systems or help you design a bike park. They can provide an overall plan and detailed plans with sample cross-sections for specific trail segments, suggested depending on the terrain and clientèle.

Once the preliminary design is completed, our team will work closely with you and your designers to help you make informed choices throughout the detailed design process.


Our specialists will ensure that park managers, elected officials, municipal staff and local stakeholders have a solid grounding in the planning of bike parks and the design of mountain bike or fatbike trails.