Meeting point and schedule

An untimed course from 60 to 163 km, an opportunity to discover a new part of the greater metropolitan area, starting from the Complexes Sportifs Terrebonne.

Starting out

Show up in Montreal on May 26, 2024, at the time you chose when registering. To plan your route to the start site, click on this link: 2475, boulevard des Entreprises, Terrebonne, QC J6X 4J9

Departure is staggered from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. It is important to respect the time you chose when you registered. Please refer to your transaction receipt or customer account.

Don’t forget your identification bracelet received by mail. It’s your business card for accessing the various services and getting your lunch.

Your arrival at the Metropolitan Challenge start site

When you arrive at Complexes sportifs Terrebonne, our parking team will be on hand to guide you to the various parking lots available around the Metropolitan Challenge site. Don’t hesitate to consult them to find out how full the various parking lots are, so that our agents can direct you to the best spot at that time.

To locate the different parking spaces on the site, look for the yellow signs indicating the number of each available parking space.

If you have any questions, three INFO kiosks will also be on hand – one on the main Challenge site, and two secondary kiosks at P5 and P7 respectively (see map). Please note that the INFO booths at P5 and P7 are unable to take on-site registrations. For same-day registration, please go to the INFO booth on the main site.

Getting your lunch

Between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the lunch stop or finish site.

When you registered, you chose where to get your lunch. The color of your bracelet corresponds to this choice.

  • Lunch stop (yellow bracelet)
  • Finish site (white bracelet)*

* Please note that the 60 km course does not pass through the lunch stop. If you decide to ride the 61 km on the morning of the Challenge when you had chosen to take your lunch at the lunch stop, come to the Vélo Québec INFO booth to obtain a white bracelet.

Services access

Before starting your ride, stop by Escape Café for one of their specialty coffees ($).
At the start site and lunch stop, you’ll have access to the following services: toilets, water, mechanical assistance and first aid.

Take a break at the ravito stops, at Complexe aquatique Desjardins (2205 Ch Sainte-Marie, Mascouche, QC J7L 1A6), and at Parc des Familles (170 Av. 3e, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QC J0N 1H0). Services available: snacks, water and toilets.

Cyclists will return to the start/finish site from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Music, bistro – Siboire Microbrewery, booths to visit!

Your lunch will be topped with delicious local ORGANIC cheese from Fromagerie L’Ancêtre. Enjoy!

Enjoy your chocolate milk, courtesy of Quebec Milk Producers. Plus, there are 15 essential nutrients in there. You deserve it!

Metropolitan Challenge Route

Take the road at your own pace! Depending on your energy level, pick the route of your choice: 60, 85, 97 or 163 km.

One week before the Challenge, you will receive by email an update of the route maps, including the location of the restrooms and the rest stop.


Google Maps

Ride with GPS

Your preparation

The better prepared you are, the more fun you will have at the event. Go at your own pace and, most importantly, have fun!

Bring the right equipment

Bring equipment for all conditions (raincoat, windbreaker, long shorts, shoe covers, sunscreen, helmet or cap, glasses, etc.). Even if you have to leave equipment in the car, it is better to bring more than less.

Get your energy up

Since the distances of the Metropolitan Challenge are relatively long, it is important to prepare yourself adequately. The night before, have a hearty supper, preferably carbohydrate-based (the famous pasta!). In the morning, don’t break your habits, have a good breakfast.

Eat and drink regularly before you feel hungry or thirsty: it’s your fuel and the secret to getting to your destination!

Don’t just rely on convenience stores along the route. Pack two water bottles and fill your pockets (or panniers) with snacks such as energy bars and gels, cookies, fresh or dried fruit…

Cycle at your own pace

A minimum of stretching and warming up is beneficial for many people. Take a quick 10 minutes to loosen up your muscles. It can only do you good!

If this is your first major outing of the season, curb your enthusiasm at the start and save it for the end. Start your ride slowly.

Of course, it is strongly recommended that you plan a few rides before the Metropolitan Challenge, including one of similar distance.

Mechanical assistance and roadside support

Make sure your bike is in good condition to take part in the Challenge. In case of a problem, here are the services offered.

To reach Vélo Québec during the Metropolitan Challenge: 514 292-8356

Mechanical assistance

At the start site and at the lunch stop, a mechanical breakdown service is offered to correct minor problems (flat tire, adjustments, etc.). However, this service is not equipped to handle major repairs.

The cost of replacement parts, if any, is at the participant’s expense.

On the road

Vehicles (mechanical, support, motorcycle first aid) will be on the route to assist you in case of a problem. You’ll also come across certified bike escorts – certified in first aid and qualified to perform mechanical repairs.

If you need help, just give us a thumbs down.

Support vehicule

If you are not able to finish your day, you can get into a support vehicle with your bike.

Don’t hesitate to use this service if you have a serious problem, but note that it is an emergency service, not a cab.

A few instructions on the road

During the Metropolitan Challenge, the roads are open to traffic. As a user of the road network, you must therefore respect the Quebec Highway Safety Code. In addition to the usual rules (traffic lights, stops, etc.), it is important not to ride four wide, but to ride in a line on the right side of the road.

Cycling and Courtesy

Each year, many municipalities and their residents welcome us along our routes with generosity and enthusiasm. In order to leave them with a good impression, we ask you to be considerate, courteous and respectful of private property at all times.


The route is marked with signs. These signs will also indicate the presence of the various service points (toilets, refreshments, lunch stop, water, etc.). Any last minute deviation will be indicated, if necessary, with the help of DETOUR signs.

Optional route closure

The optional routes indicate a closing time so that all participants can cross the finish line by 6:00 pm. In addition to being indicated on the course sign at the beginning of the optional route, closing time information is also provided on maps, where applicable.

Thanks to our partners