What will the new year bring us?

Suzanne Lareau
January 1, 2019

In addition to making the traditional New Year’s resolutions, we always like to set certain personal goals and consider what the next twelve months will bring. This may cause us to dream about the cycling trip we’ve been putting off or the additional kilometers we hope to travel. This may also incite us to promote cycling infrastructure development in our neighbourhood or ensure the recognition and promotion of bicycle use in our workplace.

For the Vélo Québec team, there will be no shortage of great classics and thrilling projects in 2019. With a Grand Tour Desjardins in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and an incredible selection of global travel destinations, bike trip fans will not be disappointed. Another highlight will be the Go Bike Montréal Festival, which will kick off the Québec festival season with wonderful surprises in store.  We will reach even more grade 5 and 6 students through the Cycliste averti program, which now extends throughout 9 regions of Québec and will help nearly 4,000 young cyclists develop their cycling skills.

As a result of the 2017 municipal elections, several administrations will be putting the commitments of their first “real” budget into action. This applies to Montréal, but also to a growing number of Québec cities wishing to offer their citizens a cycling network that lives up to their expectations. We therefore see 2019 as a very promising year! The new Québec government will also be presenting its first budget, which will definitely set the tone for this new mandate. In our communications with this new government, three priorities will be on the agenda: first of all, to ensure the maintenance and improvement of the sustainable mobility policy, including the amounts earmarked for the latter; secondly, to ensure that the government makes the choices necessary to initiate an galvanizing transition that includes cycling; and thirdly, to pick up the conversation where we left off with the previous government regarding certain terms and conditions of the new Highway Safety Code, particularly the disproportionate increase in cyclist fines, which is unfair compared to those imposed on other road users.

We therefore have plenty of work ahead, but also countless kilometres of biking bliss!

Here’s to good health and happy cycling in 2019!

Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO