Individual and family membership

By becoming a member of our association, you encourage Vélo Québec in the pursuit of its mission. Your membership contributes to the development of the Route verte, the creation of safety campaigns and education programs as well as representation actions, all this in the interest of cyclists. By becoming a member, you are taking concrete action in favor of cycling!


Accident insurance covering all bicycle accidents, no matter where in the world they occur

  • NB : This insurance does not cover material damage to your bicycle.

* only for residents of Canada

One-year subscription to Vélo Mag

  • print edition (value of $32) or digital edition (value of $22)

Discounts at participating bicycle retailers

Up to 15% off parts and accessories — and in certain cases even clothing

Condition : This discount cannot be applied to the purchase of a bicycle or a bicycle frame, nor on the costs of a repair, nor can it be combined with any other discount.

Discounts on many Vélo Québec products


Training courses

Publications, etc.

Special offers by our partners

Become a member of Vélo Québec and together, let the voices of cyclists be heard!