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Educating tomorrow's cyclists

Since 2015, 17,378 young Quebecers have taken part in Cycliste averti, a bike-education program for elementary school students to help them get around safely.

In 2019, Vélo Québec set up the first bicycle education park in Montreal in collaboration with the Borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Since 2020, in collaboration with Naître et grandir, Vélo Québec has been introducing the Cyclomini educational course, an temporary cycling education park that travels to the four corners of the province.

Encouraging and providing access to cycling

Toutes à vélo is a Vélo Québec program that makes cycling accessible to women who have never had the opportunity to learn.

Since its launch in 2021, 306 women have taken advantage of the program.

Defending and protecting cyclists' interests

In 2022, Vélo Québec took part in a bill requesting that the compensation offered by the SAAQ be extended to cover all road victims, even when no motor vehicle is involved in the collision. Since then, Vélo Québec has participated in the working group studying this request.

Improving cycling facilities

Vélo Québec teams are working hard to improve cycling facilities and safety, with over 5,300 km of bike paths in the Route verte du Québec network and 2,500 km of trails listed on the interactive mountain bike map.

Embracing sustainable mobility

Through its programs aimed at both post-secondary campuses and organizations and municipalities like the VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE movement, or through its promotional campaigns for the general public, Vélo Québec strives to make cycling a real transportation and leisure option for everyone.

Since 2015, 34 communities, 58 companies and 26 campuses have joined the VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE movement.


Further the cause of cycling

By making a donation, you contribute to our mission of developing and promoting cycling, and add your voice to ours in advancing the cause of cycling in Quebec.

Since 1967, Vélo Québec has been actively promoting the many benefits of cycling, not only as a leisure activity, but also as a real transportation option that has a positive impact on the environment, health and well-being.