Cycling in Québec in 2020

June 8, 2021
Cycling in Québec in 2020

Every five years since 1995, Vélo Québec has prepared a detailed report on cycling in Québec. Among the topics covered and analyzed in detail are cyclists’ habits, the economic, health and ecological benefits of cycling, and the prevalence and use of bicycle-friendly facilities. Based on this vast undertaking, we can identify trends, correlations and observations – and use this to prepare a comprehensive profile of what cycling is, does and means to Quebecers to enable well-informed decision-making on cycling in the future.


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The state of cycling in 2020 in partner cities

In 2020, we carried out studies for 9 of the major Quebec cities.

Click on image to view a study. Note that the cities’ reports are only available in French.

L'état du vélo à Montréal en 2020

L'état du vélo à Québec en 2020

L'état du vélo à Laval en 2020

L'état du vélo à Longueuil en 2020

L'état du vélo à Gatineau en 2020

L'état du vélo à Saguenay en 2020

L'état du vélo à Boucherville en 2020

Detailed results

The data used for this sixth edition of the study came from a variety of sources:

A survey on cycling in Québec

A province-wide survey on cycling in Québec conducted by the Léger polling firm in the fall of 2020 and analyzed by André Poirier, a professor in the Département de techniques de recherche sociale at Collège de Rosemont.

Analyses des enquêtes Origine-Destination

Analyses of origin-destination study data for several Québec cities performed by the Chaire Mobilité de Polytechnique Montréal.

Analyses will be available soon.

Cycling in Québec is published every 5 years since 1995.