Let’s get out of our bubble!

Suzanne Lareau
July 1, 2019

Living in our society isn’t always easy. When travelling by foot, bike or car, we quickly realize that sharing the road isn’t something that comes naturally. Imagine what will happen when electric scooters are part of the equation!

Preoccupied by daily hassles, fixated on our screen while in transit, pressured by time constraints and frustrated by construction work, we are all, in our own way, caught up in a bubble.

The reality is that when starting out on a trip, whatever the mode, we must come back down to earth and take a look around us – in short, become a bit more community-oriented!

What’s the idea of wanting to go first at a stop sign or traffic light with little concern for anyone else? Are we really so short of time? I shiver when I see a cyclist being disrespectful towards others or failing to slow down and yield to pedestrians, children or seniors desperately trying to cross the street – or when a motorist conveniently forgets to respect the safe passing distance or pedestrian crossings.

Fortunately, I encounter many more cyclists and motorists who are civicminded and courteous. I am simply stating that we all need to learn to be more accommodating in terms of sharing public space.

During the next few months, I hope that we will slow down just a bit and give others the freedom to roam the city without feeling pressure from those who always wants to beat the clock. Let’s get out of our bubble and enjoy the summer!

Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO