Mountain biking code of conduct

Here are some basic principles on how to behave on the trail to ensure your safety and that of other users. It is important to remember that mountain biking involves the risk of serious or fatal injuries. This code of conduct establishes the rules that users must respect at all times.

Display principles

Mountain bike trail managers should post this code of conduct at every entrance to their trail systems and share it on their main communications channels.



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Web format
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1. Always ride in control and respect your limits.

You must be able to stop and avoid other people or obstacles. Ride trails and features that match your skills level. It is your responsibility to be aware of the difficulty levels and to choose your route accordingly.

2. Wear a helmet and appropriate protective gear for your ride.

3. Check the mechanical condition of your bike or have it inspected by a qualified bike mechanic before you ride.

4. Do not ride if...

You are physically incapacitated or if your ability or judgement is impaired by drugs, alcohol or fatigue.

5. Be careful, obstacles and trail conditions change constantly.

Check their condition before riding with speed and confidence.

6. Respect signs and warnings.

Stay on marked trails and never venture into closed sections. Do not make any changes to trails and do not build new trails without the permission of the trail manager.

7. Give priority to cyclists ahead of you.

On two-way trails, yield to cyclists coming up the trail.

8. Clear the path.

If you must stop, do so off the trail, in a safe, visible location.

9. Help the rescuers.

If you are involved in or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to a first-aider or bystanders.

10. Use lifts with caution.

Ask for assistance if you are unsure with the operation of the chairlifts and follow the rules posted along the way.

* Please note: Physical disability refers to a precarious state of health, a risky physical condition or physical abilities impaired by injury.