Vélo Québec CEO Passes the Torch

September 3, 2020

After dedicating 40 years to promoting the mission of Vélo Québec – initially as a student volunteer and ultimately as Chief Executive Officer – I have decided to pass the torch.

In early March, before the major upheaval caused by the pandemic, I advised the Vélo Québec team of my intention to step aside at the end of 2020. During the past year, I reflected on the issues that will mobilize the forces of Vélo Québec over the next decade. I had devoted 35 years of my professional life to developing and promoting cycling and felt that the time was ripe, from a personal perspective, to pursue new endeavours and that Vélo Québec would be better served with a new leader to continue its development.

The evolution of the organization I knew in the early eighties to what it has become today reflects not only the meteoric growth of cycling in Québec, but also Vélo Québec’s agility, leadership and professionalism in creating innovative, practical ways of getting Quebecers on their bikes. I am particularly proud of the progress we have made over the past three decades.

My successor has not yet been named. However, between now and my departure in December 2020, rest assured that I will pursue my mission with the same passion and that the Board of Directors will be able to count on my full cooperation in choosing and mentoring the person who will take over the helm of Vélo Québec.

In closing, I would like to thank the team and Board of Directors of Vélo Québec for their unwavering support and their passion for advancing the cycling cause. Vélo Québec’s success in endearing cycling to Quebecers and convincing governments to invest in the cause is due to the strength of its team members, all of whom are driven by a shared desire to promote the many benefits of cycling and help build the biking Québec of tomorrow.


Suzanne Lareau
Chief Executive Officer of Vélo Québec