Toutes à vélo

The program’s objective

To provide a safe and accessible space for women to learn and practice cycling.

This program promotes gender equity by enabling women to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to ride a bike and increase their sense of confidence.

Some key facts about women’s cycling

In recent years, Quebec initiatives such as Jalon and Femmes et mobilité have highlighted the fact that women have a mobility deficit compared to men.

According to the État du vélo 2020, 62% of men cycle in Québec compared to 47% of women, a disparity that tends to increase with age. Note also that women represent only 34% of cyclists in Canada (Radio-Canada, 2019).

How the program works

Toutes à vélo takes place in a fun, supportive environment, without pressure or competition. The program is offered in two parts that aim to break down the following barriers: “I don’t know how to ride a bike (part 1)” and “I know how to pedal, but I don’t feel confident enough to go out on the street (part 2)”. These two components are offered simultaneously to allow participants to move from one group to the other and to respect the rhythm of each participant.

This program is :

  • 7 sessions offered free of charge, 5 in a closed environment* and 2 on the road (road activities not mandatory)
  • 11 hours of instruction spread over one month
  • Bicycle and helmet loan
  • Drop-in centre available

* The closed environnement is usually a schoolyard located at a good distance from the street.


Part 1

Introduction to cycling in a closed environment using the draisienne method. This technique facilitates learning by focusing first on developing a sense of balance on a bike without pedals.


Part 2

Development of motor skills in a closed environment, then cycling on the road. A great way for women to learn about cycling in their own environment.


Take part in the Toutes à vélo program

Registration for the 2022 season is not officially open. We invite you to fill out a form to let us know if you are interested in participating so that we can inform you of the next dates and locations of activities.

I want to register as a participant

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Become a guide

With their precious advice and encouragement, the Toutes à vélo guides are essential pillars in providing participants with a reassuring and positive cycling experience. In addition to ensuring that the activities run smoothly and that everyone is safe, they adapt to the pace of the participants so that they can experience this introduction to cycling in a fun and supportive manner.

Required profile : 

  • Urban cyclist of all levels (former participants are welcome!);
  • Experience in animation or teaching;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • You are welcome if you speak several languages and if you have recently immigrated.

Thanks to our partners


In 2022, Toutes à vélo receives logistical support from BIXI

The draisienne method

Cycling is ageless! Vélo Québec offers children and adults alike an effective method for learning to ride without pedals. A 5-step process to follow.

Cycliste averti

Vélo Québec’s cycling education program offered to elementary school students in grades 5 and 6 to learn all the concepts necessary to travel safely by bicycle.