The summer of 2020 will be all about biking! (part two)

Suzanne Lareau
May 20, 2020

My city is on hold and I’ve never felt more like going for a walk or taking a bike ride –  just to get my heart pumping and feel alive and active.

In the April 21 newsletter, I mentioned that biking is increasingly perceived around the world as a deconfinement tool. As we’ve always known, biking is an ideal mode of solo travel, allowing us to both enjoy the spring sun and fresh air and also get to where we’re going.

This brings me to the subject of the exceptional summer that lies ahead. It’s already obvious that many of you are getting on your bikes – either alone, with your children or with a few friends keeping a 2-meter distance – to explore your urban environment. A bit daunted by the number of cyclists on their streets, the mayors of different cities are contacting us to find out what to do. Our message is simple: “Welcome them, give them space and encourage them to share the road”, since many cyclists will be setting out to rediscover their city this summer. Pedalling along a river or stream, climbing up a small urban mountain, exploring an unfamiliar neighbourhood or park – so many simple pleasures in which to indulge in order to escape our new, overly sedentary lifestyle.

Once tourism activities resume, we will feel like exploring neighbouring cities by bike and “travelling” to other parts of Québec. Going on a two-wheel excursion or trip is a unique, energizing experience combining beautiful landscapes, physical exertion and a good dose of endorphins – all of which help us feel alive, active and happy during these challenging times.

This summer, I want to feel the warm breeze on my skin, discover new regions within our borders and cross paths with other cyclists on Québec’s bikeways, while maintaining the required physical distance.  I still want to go biking this year – and to my delight, it looks like I won’t be the only one on the road!

Suzanne Lareau
President and CEO