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Since 1967, Vélo Québec has advocated the multiple benefits of cycling not only as a recreational pursuit but also as a viable means of transportation that has a positive and lasting contribution on the environment and public health and well-being.


By becoming a member or donating to Vélo Québec, you are helping to advance our mission of developing and promoting bicycle use and joining us in bringing cycling-related issues to the fore.

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Ensure that the value of cycling is recognized

In 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vélo Québec persuaded the provincial government to recognize bicycle repairs and sales as essential services, developed a code of conduct for cyclists in line with public health guidelines and published a handbook on temporary measures for cyclists and pedestrians as well as a guide for managers of cycling networks and mountain bike facilities to help them deal with pandemic-related requirements.

Educate children and youth


Since 2015, more than 8,000 young Quebecers have taken part in the Cycliste averti program for elementary-school students and learned how to be safe, responsible cyclists.


In 2020, Vélo Québec adapted the program for use by day camps and published a guide on the use of the balance bike method as way to learn how to ride a bicycle. Working closely with Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, Vélo Québec spearheaded the creation of the first cycling education park in Montreal.

Sustainable mobility


Through programs designed for schools, organizations and municipalities, including Mouvement VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE, and promotional campaigns aimed at the general public such as Devenez cyclotoute, Mois du vélo, Hiver à vélo and À vélo au boulot, Vélo Québec is making headway in ensuring that cycling is a practical and convenient mode of transportation for users of all ages.

Better, safer cycling infrastructure


Vélo Québec is a long-time and active proponent of high-quality cycling facilities for the masses. This translates to things like paved shoulders on rural roads throughout the province, which is now a roadway construction standard, as well as the inclusion of bike lanes in the design of new bridges and overpasses and the retrofitting of existing structures with cyclist-friendly facilities.


For the past quarter of a century, Vélo Québec has been the organization in charge of the Route Verte, which at 5,300 kilometres stands as North America’s largest cycling network. Crisscrossing the entire province, the Route Verte is enduringly popular among tourists, excursionists and commuters alike. Vélo Québec also plays a vital role in expanding tourist accommodations for cycling enthusiasts through the Bienvenue cyclistes! certification program.


Moreover, Vélo Québec is pleased to share its expertise and experience with municipal stakeholders through a wide range of guides and studies so they can make better-informed decisions about cycling-related matters and improve the infrastructure available to their residents.

Advancing the interests of all cyclists

Taking part in public consultations, contributing to concrete solutions – safer cycling facilities, innovative regulatory strategies and more – and lobbying various levels of government are all an important part of Vélo Québec’s work.


Over the years, these efforts have resulted in some important wins for the cycling community, such as the inclusion of a provision in the Highway Safety Code requiring motorists to keep their distance when passing cyclists, the elimination of driver’s licence demerit points for an HSC offence committed on a bicycle and the authorization for cyclists to obey pedestrian signals, to name but a few.

Promoting bicycle use in all its forms

By organizing and promoting a number of large-scale cycling events, Vélo Québec encourages people of all ages to embrace the joys and benefits of a two-wheeled lifestyle. Annual events include such time-honoured traditions as the Tour de l’Île de Montréal and Un Tour la Nuit.


Vélo Québec is also an enthusiastic proponent of mountain biking and fat biking, publishing a provincial directory of off-road trails and other facilities, awarding development grants and issuing guidelines to help develop new projects.


The Vélo Québec travel agency arranges trips to a host of cycling-friendly destinations in Québec – including such popular events as the Petite Aventure and Grand Tour – and worldwide, with packages that focus on environmental and community stewardship. Proceeds from the agency go toward funding Vélo Québec’s mission of developing and promoting bicycle use in Québec.


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