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Bruce Peninsula :: Adventure Park

20 km - Cross-country, Freeride, Sauts, parc à vélo (bike park, dirt jump)
Niveau de difficulté : facile intermédiaire difficile
Dernière modification: 20/02/2013

Extrait du site Internet :

If you enjoy a challenging trail system this is the park to visit. The MTB Adventure Park has 20 kilometres of trail ranging from single to double-track and a rating of easy to advanced. According to local riders the park offers some of the toughest single-track available in the area because of the numerous rock gardens found along the trails.

If you're not into cross-country thing than perhaps you would prefer to test your skills on one of thirty technical trail features available at the park. Existing topographic features and man-made structures have been incorporated into the park system to heighten your senses of adventure and thrill, but don't worry; all technical features are placed off to the side of the trails and have been rated for the level of difficulty. You can ride by it or you can try it. If you want to test your skills there is no better place to do that than the trials area located in the parking area where you will find several features to try. Just so you know, the ground in the parking area is more forgiving than out on the trails.

This park is built in a forest on the rugged rocky Bruce Peninsula. There are no chalets, flush toilets, food vendors or bicycle rental shops on the property. This is strictly a wilderness adventure park that has bugs, bears, snakes and the occasional hiker, so keep your eyes focused in front of you.

Bring your helmet, body armor, tools, first aid kit and maybe a few extra bike parts. If you're lucky you just might find the part you're looking for on the trail. If you plan on bringing a lunch, please bring your garbage with you. Garbage attracts bears.