Start a Bike-to-Work Club

You would like to share your interest in getting around without a car? All you need is a little support to inspire some of your co-workers to give fun before work a try?

A few good reasons to start a Bike-to-Work Club

  • Support the organization in its efforts to develop cycling facilities, benefits and activities.
  • Share the fun before work lifestyle with your co-workers.
  • Organize activities for cycling employees.
  • Learn to choose the right bike and clothing.
  • Suggest an action plan to your employer for the development of this mode of transport in its business.
  • Assess your parking needs and put together a file (budget, suppliers, etc.) that you can present to decision makers.
  • Dedicate a bulletin board or a section of the Intranet to bicycle commuting.
  • Help Human Resources set up a company policy that fosters bicycle commuting: less restrictive dress code, active transportation allowance, etc.
  • Inspire other colleagues to choose cycling as means of transportation.
  • Get each club member to sponsor a newcomer.
Why set up a Bike-to-Work Club?

To build a pleasant and enriching social network!
  • Share the fun before work lifestyle with your co-workers
  • Help newbies worried about sharing the road with motorists
  • Counter negative stereotypes about commuting by bike
  • Suggest and exchange safe routes
  • Share advice from guest specialists: maintenance and repair workshops, etc*
  • Organize group activities, e.g., ride the Tour de l’Île de Montréal or go for a ride or picnic along bicycle paths near the workplace.
* Contact us to find out more about the array of workshops and consulting services available!

To develop a bicycle friendly workplace!
  • Express your needs to management – parking, showers, lockers, incentives for cyclists, etc, – based on your collective cycling experience
  • Maximize your chances to be heard by company management or building managers
  • Highlight the advantages of a bicycle friendly workplace, e.g., employees in better shape, lower parking expenses, and a positive corporate image
  • Assist managers in decision-making
  • Share your enthusiasm on your neighbourhood, borough or city level, and contribute to a better quality of life for all citizens.
Foster Awareness among your co-workers and employers!
  • Keep up co-workers’ interest in bicycle commuting
  • Recruit new co-workers
  • Highlight the positive aspects of bicycle commuting: fun, efficiency, respect for the environment, better health, and savings
  • Spread the idea of fun before work!

How to organize a Bike-to-Work Club?

Starting the club
  • Invite cycling co-workers to a first and founding meeting of the Club
  • Establish a modus operandi (number of meetings and frequency, task sharing)
  • Schedule a meeting before the start of the cycling season, to determine a plan of action for the year.
Getting management on board
  • Define your needs – secure parking, showers, a change room, and lockers
  • Put together a file – number of actual and potential cyclists, your goals, cost estimates
  • Name one or more co-worker(s) to represent your Club in your dealings with management
  • Identify those in company management most favourable to your cause and state your case
  • At this meeting, propose solutions as well as ways of putting them into practice, rather than simply highlight problems
  • Demonstrate how the required investments will be beneficial and how they will save the company money
  • Help Human Resources set up a company policy that fosters bicycle commuting (less restrictive dress code, active transportation allowance, etc.)
How to promote the Bike-to-Work Club’s activities?

  • Start a newsletter or contribute to an existing one
  • Manage a space dedicated to bicycle commuting on bulletin boards or Intranet
  • Hold social events and invite potential cyclists
  • Organize rides at lunchtime or after work
  • Acknowledge the efforts of bicycle commuting enthusiasts in the company newsletter. Highlight their achievements and share their ideas.
  • Offer sponsorship services between seasoned cyclists and newcomers
  • Make the most of events such as the Montreal Bike Fest or the opening of a new bicycle path
  • Make the most of orientation day for new employees to promote bicycle commuting
  • Hand out bicycle path maps to co-workers

It’s never too late, nor too early, to establish a BIKE-TO-WORK CLUB in your company... to share the fun and exchange efficiency pointers; to act together for the environment; to save money and improve your physical and mental health!